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Custom Recipes

On ADK, we have some custom recipes implemented to help out our gameplay. These mainly include work arounds for things that have been removed from the game on the server (ie. no villagers or custom terrain). Below is a list of the recipes that you can use on the server.

Diorite to Cobble#

img Now you can craft diorite into cobblestone!

Granite to Cobble#

img Now you can craft granite into cobblestone!

Phantom Membrane#

img Since phantom's are disabled, now you can craft their membranes for fixing your elytras

Wool to String#

img Now you can craft string from wool, because who doesn't hate that it doesn't go both ways.

Coal into Dye#

img Coal can now be crafted into black dye because squids are so annoying to find.

Invisible Item Frame#

img With the invisible item frame crafting perk, you can craft frames that turn invisible when something is placed in them.

Clay Blocks to Balls#

img Just like the wool, you can craft clay blocks into clay balls, because this should be in minecraft by default.

Snow Blocks to Balls#

img Same as the clay, snow to snowballs should be in the game by default

Nether Plants to Dyes#

img img The new nether flowers can finally make dye just like all the others

Cobble to Sand#

img You can now smelt cobble into sand

Granite to Dirt#

img you can now smelt granite into dirt

Andesite to Gravel#

img you can now smelt andesite into gravel

Rotten Flesh to Bones#


Roasting rotten flesh over a campfire will produce bones

Strings into Cobwebs#

img You can now craft cobwebs with string, for all the fancy builds your heart desires

Horse Armor Salvage#

img img img img Horse armors can now be smelted into their material for those less equestrian

Globe Pattern#

img You can craft the globe pattern with emeralds since villagers were disabled.

Mushroom to Dye#


Redstone to Dye#


Alternate Clay Recipe#


Red Sand#


Alternate Dispenser Recipe#

image Alternate Dispenser Recipe

Sickle Recipe#


Red Sand to Glass#


Erased Book#