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Staff Guidelines

The following rules are to be followed by all Staff Members with moderating powers (Admin, Moderator and Trainee). Consequences for breaking the guidelines will depend greatly on type and severity of the offence.

Honesty & Ethics#

Staff members are expected to go a step beyond following the server rules. You must be an example for others. If you're constantly trying to find loopholes in the rules then you should not be a Staff. You should respect other players and be extra-kind with them. You're also obligated to leave your biases behind when moderating and report and treat all situations equally regardless of who is involved. Help and answer questions whenever you can, but don't share misinformation. Further more, stay away from as much drama as you can. Protect the privacy of others and keep player reports and Staff secrets to yourself.

Don't abuse Staff powers in any shape or form. From using Vanish, TP and Fly without proper justification, to spawning blocks or money. Do not abuse Staff powers. You're going to cast a shadow of doubt over all the Staff Team and you'll get yourself demoted (and maybe, even, banned). Don't seek to use your power or status for personal advantage. Don't show off or discuss Staff Powers with other players. Try, whenever possible, to downplay the importance of "Staff Personalities".

Organization & Teamwork#

Teamwork makes the dream work, and it also makes the Staff experience a lot more enjoyable. Respect your fellow Staff, try to be friendly as much as possible. Don't publicly argue or reprimand a Staff member, no matter if he holds a lower, equal or higher position than you. Don't argue with other Staff in public or criticize their decisions outside of Staff Channels. Don't get heated over a Staff situation and avoid any drama. If you think a Staff is being improper, head over to #📩staff-reports, but first try to understand their actions in context.

You are allowed to comment your opinions as a player on the decisions taken by the Staff Team as long as you remain respectful. You are also allowed to criticize the Staff Team in public only if you have already approached the issue in the proper channels.

Follow the indications of higher Staff. Don't share information to other Staff members if a higher Staff has told you not to (also read #📜ticket-info and respect the guidelines). If you're working with a Trainee, try to teach them as much as possible, but don't be afraid to take charge when needed.

Activity & Inactivity#

Try to keep a playtime of 5 hours per week in-game. If you'll be away for longer than 5 days let us know. It's okay to need or want time away from Minecraft, we understand that well. But it's very important that you're honest, if you don't think you'll be able to participate in an activity, don't pledge your time to it. If you won't be able to log in all week, avoid promising to be on every day. Higher Staff understand that IRL comes first, if we ask you for times and commitment it's just for organizations purposes, we don't want you to burn out.

Try to still be present in Discord whenever possible, and be communicative. Let us know when you need time or contact me if you plan to retire.

Rules & Enforcement#

Make yourself very well acquainted with the rules. When moderating follow the punishment tables outlined there for each offense. Taking into account the history of the player and how many times he has done this same offense (check #📜record). Some things such as Doxxing and Slurs have a 0 tolerance rule, but whenever possible try to avoid banning people. Also keep in mind the playtime of the player and try to avoid unnecessary harm.

Document everything, you must be able to back a ban/warn/mute with solid evidence. This can be requested by other Staff Members or by the players themselves in #📩appeals. You can take screenshots of chats and coreprotect logs. For more advanced investigations such as hacks or bigger griefs use a recording software. Always produce proof when required. I recommend making a folder and labeling each screenshot/video with the name of the accused and the date.

Security & 2FA#

Don't share your Minecraft or Discord account with anyone. Login password will be implemented for Staff in-game at a later date. You'll also need to enable a 2 Factor Authentication method in Discord to take the moderation roles. You're responsible for your account security.

About the Use of Investigation Tools#

You are discouraged from using investigation tools just to satiate the curiosity of players, that being said, you can still help out players if they ask, but only if you want to (in regards to the use of investigation tools). You only have the formal duty to investigate if a player reports a grief. Abusing investigation tools just to violate other players privacies is not allowed.

Rollbacks must be tied to a punishment. They are only to be used when a grief occurs. If the reporting party doesn't wish to see the other player punished then don't rollback the grief.