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Starter Guide

Welcome to ADK#

ADK is an SMP, towny, vanilla+ server!

This guide will quickly walk you through the beginning steps of the server

Getting Started#

Once you click the sign, you can /rtp to teleport to a random place in the wilderness. Make sure to /sethome when you get there in case you die! Mob generation is higher than vanilla, so it's advisable to rtp at day if possible


Upon Death, your inventory is put into a death chest or grave which lasts for six hours. You can find the coordinates of this grave by typing /dc or /graves and hovering over the icon. They also appear in chat upon death.

Griefing Protections#

You may protect your chests by right clicking them with a sign. Your builds and chests are protected unless you have been inactive for 28 days, at which they become accessible to others. You can run /seen (playername) to check.


Towns offer protection from outsiders, a separate chat, and many other resources and benefits. To join a town, ask around in chat and a recruiter may notice and invite you! You can also create your own town for 20,000 coins.


A great way to get money for starting your own town is to complete /applications


If you type /applications and fill out the two forms (they require a free forum account), you can contact staff and they will award you with 10,000 coins for each application you compelte. This helps the server out and can help kick start your journey.

Villagers and Voting#

ADK has a completely player-based economy, and as such, villager trading is disabled. Instead, mending can be acquired through voting, treasure chests, salvaging, fishing, and other means. /vote will give you keys to use at /warp crate.


Warps can be accessed with /warps

You can also do this directly with:

  1. /warp crate
  2. /warp nether
  3. /warp end


If you have any questions, this wiki and general chat are your best friend. We have tons of helpful players and staff who are happy to assist in game, and most of your questions may be answered on the wiki!