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Applications are a one-time use method of earning some quick and easy cash, whether you use it to stimulate the player-run economy or to start your own town! By doing both applications, you can get enough money to start a town or buy some things you may need!

Without further ado, let's get into how you do the applications:

How To#

To fill out the two applications and get started on filling them out, first you'll need the sites: Planet Minecraft: Minecraft Forums:

Once you're on the sites, feel free to read about the server and whatever it has to offer, maybe you'll learn something we didn't cover or tell you about yet! After you've gone through all of that, you can begin on filling out the application for each site.

First Step: If you are not signed in, you must do that first. You can find the sign in area in the top right of each site, if you don't have an account yet, feel free to register. It's nice and simple! Second Step: Once you are signed in (or if you were already signed in) read through what our lovely server has to offer, to get a glimpse of what all we have on here. This'll be of slight importance, as the application will have a question regarding this information. Third/Final Step: Finally, fill out the application on each site, which'll ask the following questions: 1- Complete Mineacraft Name (Respect caps and _): 2- Do you have a Discord? 3- How often do you use it? 4- What do you like the most about ADK? 5- How did you find ADK? Afterwards, you'll have finished the applications and the Staff Team, get around to awarding you the 20 thousand coins you have earned for completion. Thank you for playing on the server, and good luck with whatever it is you wish to do with your newfound money!

Reminder: This is a one-time deal, so it's advised you use the money well, but you may do whatever you like with it as long as you remember this process is unrepeatable.