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ADK AureliumSkills

Here in ADK, we do things a bit differently than most. For AureliumSkills to not be insanely over powered, we have changed around many variables dealing with Damage, Health, and Damage Reduction. We have also changed the leveling formula to be closer to that of Runescapes instead of the base leveling formula included with the plugin. We also go from level 1 to 100, instead of the base 1 to 96. You can also check out a basic wiki for AureliumSkills here!

Increased Drops#

Increased drops are gained by leveling up your skills. The more you level up your skills in a certain area, the more drops you will then get from doing that said activity. For Example, as you level up your Mining Skills you will then get more drops from blocks, like stone, different ores, etc....


In AureliumSkills Fishing you can fish up many different things other then the base items you get from Vanilla Fishing. Below you can see a list of everything that can be gotten from Fishing in ADK:

Rare: 4-16 Kelp 1-2 Natilus Shells 1-2 Scutes 2-4 Glow Ink Sac 16-48 Prismarine Crystals 16-48 Prismarine Shards 2-4 Wet Sponges

Epic: 1 Trident 1 Totem of Undying 1 Heart of the Sea 1 Elytra


In AureliumSkills Excavation while you excavate you can dig up many different things other then the normal items dropped. Below you can see a list of everything that can be gotten from Excavating in ADK (Depending on what block you are excavating):

Rare: 2-4 Glowstone Dust 1 Golden Carrot 1-3 Bones 1-3 Blaze Powders 1-3 Ghast Tears 1 Iron Ingot 1 Slime Ball 1 Gold Ingot 1-2 Gunpowder

Epic: 1 Enchanted Golden Apple 1-2 Diamonds 1 Name Tag 1 Netherite Scrap