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Mines is the first 100% custom Towny modification that was introduced to Advanced-Kind. Mines are customizable areas which allow for the regenerative production of ores. They are one of the choices for town production of which Mayors and Co-Mayors of small settlements enjoy. They have several tiers which increase ore capacity and choice along with price.


To start a mine, a town must have 3 or more residents, and must also have at least 5k in the bank. Mines are then started and managed with the mine GUI which can be accessed with /mine. A Mayor (or Co-Mayor) can start a mine by clicking "Create A New Mine" from the main menu. From there they can browse using the arrows for the tier they want to start with. Once they are sure of their choice, they can click "Buy Tier". After that they need to go back to the main menu and select "Manage Mine", there they can first pick the ore(s) they wish to produce. After that the top button "Edit Mine Dimensions" is used to define the area in which the ores will be placed. ++Particles must be on for this step.++ Selection is done by right and left clicking on the extremes of the perimeter, once the area has been selected it must be confirmed by clicking [CONFIRM] in chat.

Ores and Placement#

With the area selected it's time to chose which ore(s) the mine will produce. The amount of ores that be produced of each type is defined by the amount of residents, and the number of different ore types is defined by the Tier. To select the ore(s) to be produced just go to "Mine Menu > Manage Mine" and click the desired ore shown in the menu (you will see the amount of ores available to you depending on your current resident count by hovering over them). Some ore types need to be unlocked by increasing the mine tier. After an ore type has been selected the residents of the town need to start filling the selected area with the desired ore. Keep in mind that for each ore that you place to be regenerated you will lose two from your inventory. So, for example, if you wish to have 30 regenerative Coal Ores you will need 60 to start the mine. All ores regenerate ++6 hours after being mined++. This means that if you have 30 Iron Ores you can generate up to 180 ores in one day

Tiers & Ores Per Resident#

The chart below is a breakdown of the tier system used in mines:

Warning: This feature is in Alpha, chances are numbers and core mechanics could be changed depending on feedback.

Keep in mind that the total amount of ores produced by day (when all possible ore slots are used) is calculated as follows: Amount of residents x Ore type's amount per resident x 4.

An example would be as follows.

A town with 7 residents wants to know how much Iron Ore their mine will produce when it's fully filled with Ores and if they mine each ore exactly when they generate.

Their numbers would be 7 x 6 x 4 = 168 <- total amount of Iron produced.

And below is another chart with the expected outputs of ores vs. residents: