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How To Make Money

The economy is a big part of the game on ADK and with a player-based economy you may be wondering just how to make money. Well, this wiki page is here to explain the many ways to make money on the server!


One of the first ways you should be making money on the server, is with /applications. This can be done once during your time on ADK. The command brings you to two websites where you will be prompted to make a free account and fill out a questionnaire. Each questionnaire will make you 12,000 coins, and is a great way to get you started off on the server with a bit of money while helping out the server in the process.


Jobs are the main way you will be making money on ADK. Here on the server, we have a plugin that gives you money for doing certain tasks related to jobs you can join.

The available jobs on the server are:

  • Miner
  • Fisherman
  • Digger
  • Builder
  • Hunter
  • Farmer
  • Woodcutter

Each of the jobs will vary in the tasks they pay you for. For example, the fisherman job will pay you each time you fish something up, while the miner job will pay you every time you mine a block, and so on. The jobs are balanced for fairness, so you can enjoy any job you do.


There is no penalty for swapping between jobs, so many players like to switch jobs depending on the tasks they are doing

Job Commands To Know:#

  • /jobs join (name) - Joins a specific job
  • /jobs leave (name) - leaves a job
  • /jobs stats - shows the level of your current job
  • /jobs info (name) - shows how much money you make for each action at your job level

Chat Games and Lottery#

On ADK, we have custom plugins for the lottery and chat games you'll see in chat on 10 minute intervals.

The Lottery:#

The lottery is a very lucrative way to make money on ADK. Every hour, a player gets picked from the lottery to win money, and some winners have made upwards of 20,000 coins without having to do any work. To participate, run /lb for a FREE lottery ticket. Run the command every hour for the best odds.

Chat Games#

Every 10 minutes, there will be a game in chat. Games include descramblers, math questions, and trivia. The first 3 people to type the correct answer in chat get coins as prizes, and this money adds up very quickly


ADK is a player-based economy. There is no admin shop to sell your items to. This means, if you want to make money from your items, you have to find a way to sell them to other players. You can do this buy creating chest shops that players can visit and purchase items from.


To create a chest shop, punch a chest with the item you want to sell, and follow the instructions in chat!