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To keep the server a fun and safe environment for everyone, there are some ground rules everyone must follow


  1. Be respectful to other players and Staff.
  2. Only use English in General chat and when talking with Staff.
  3. Do not engage in toxicity or trolling. In any chat.
  4. Do not spam general chats.
  5. Do not advertise other Minecraft servers, Discords, and/or websites.
  6. Cheating is not allowed. Modified clients that provide any sort of advantage are not allowed. Mods and texture packs such as X-Ray are not allowed. (Optifine is allowed)
  7. Do not use exploits. Whether from Vanilla Minecraft or specific to ADK, they are not allowed.
  8. AFK farming and client automation are not allowed.
  9. Do not exchange IRL money for in-game items, currency or services.
  10. Griefing is not allowed in the wild. You're not allowed to destroy terrain around a town with the objective of making it ugly.
  11. You're not allowed to claim or destroy the terrain outside of other towns.
  12. Terraforming is allowed, however, excessive terrain destruction is not. 13-Follow Staff indications when required.

Not reading the rules is NOT an excuse to break them. By playing the server you agree to follow these rules and there will be punishments for those who do not follow them

Rules Explained#


We define toxicity, trolling, etc., as any action, or series of actions, that are carried out with the intent of disturbing, harassing or worsening the play-experience of others. This is a simple definition and is both wide ranging and narrow. If you engage in toxicity or trolling staff will (unless severe enough) warn you. After said warning all pretense of "unknowing" is gone and from then on punishment can vary from a mute to a permanent ban.

This is not a PG13 Server. However, this does not mean that you're allowed to insult others. For example, saying "fuck" is allowed in chat. Saying "Fuck you Steve" with the intent to hurt is not. Furthermore excessive cursing with the objective of disturbing others and/or ignoring warnings about cursing is considered toxicity. You are under no circumstances allowed to threaten psychical harm upon others. You are not allowed to use slurs, engage on heavy suicide jokes or encouraging suicide or physical harm to 3rd parties. You're not allowed to describe in a graphic manner or share NSFW imagery or share illegal content.


The Advanced-Kind Team reserves the right to preventively ban any user that has a previous record of toxicity and abuse within their first 48hrs of playtime if brought to light by a Staff Member or player with evidence.

Hacking and Exploits#

Any form of client automation is not allowed. Any form of AFK farming or exploits are not allowed. Using hacked clients or mods/textures packs that provide an unfair advantage is not allowed. We reserve the right to categorize any modification to the vanilla Minecraft client (with the exception of Optifine) as an unfair modification. Exploiting Minecraft or Advanced-Kind specific bugs, glitches or mechanics is not allowed.

You're not allowed to use more than one account. You can play with someone with the same IP if you notify Staff.

Any attempt at harming the stability or integrity of the server with lag machines, exploits or other forms of attacks is not allowed.

Engaging in Hacking and/or Exploits will result in punishment varying from a warn to a permanent ban depending on severity. Hacking can result in a permanent ban.

Whitelisted Mods:

-Minimap only surface mode. -Optifine. -Sodium. -Giselbaer's Durability Viewer. -Optifrabric.

Whitelisted Clients: -Vanilla Minecraft Launcher. -Badlion. -MultiMC (no mods).


Toxicity rules apply to chat as well as to the rest of player actions. English must be used for global conversations. You're not allowed to impersonate other players. You're not allowed to carry out prolonged debate in a disrespectful manner. You're not allowed to spam the chat. You're not allowed to advertise other Minecraft servers or communities in any chat. You're not allowed to discuss punishment on global chat.

Chat offenses are judged as, and closely aligned, with Toxicity offenses.

Privacy and Doxing#

You're not allowed to violate the privacy of others, either by sharing information they have not openly disclosed before or by tracking information down without their consent. The sharing of such sensitive information is considered a severe offense and can be illegal depending of your country. We take such offenses very seriously and if confirmed they will result in a permanent ban both from our Minecraft Server and our Discord Server. If severe enough and the evidence behind it is solid enough you will immediately be banned from both servers without appeal. If you're granted a chance to appeal you will only have one chance to open an appeal ticket, if your appeal fails you will not be granted a second chance.

For physical and phycological threats in our Discord you will be reported to the Discord Support team and if needed authorities

Griefing and Terrain Destruction#

An active player is considered as someone that has played within the last 4 weeks (28 days). You're not allowed to grief the builds of active players in the wild or steal their possessions. You're not allowed to trap others and/or kill them without being in a Towny PvP zone or having engaged in a PvP event with consent. You're not allowed to trap others from recovering their items. You may loot a grave that has lost protection and has less than 3 hours left.

Mayors of towns and players with town ranks are allowed to modify the builds, and/or move the belongings of residents that have been offline for more than 1 day. They can modify or move items of certain residents immediately if they have been placed outside the designated build/storage area for the particular resident. The belongings and/or build materials of an "inactive" resident must be stored for their return for 4 weeks. If the resident doesn't log back on within those 4 weeks their items become fair game.

You're not allowed to destroy terrain in a way that heavily disturbs the original look unless you're terraforming it into a different biome. You can destroy as you please within permanent claims (claims that will not be reverted). You're not allowed to build/destroy outside of towns with the intention of making the landscape ugly. You're not allowed to claim-block other towns.

Keep in mind The End and The Nether are not protected under grief rules, everything there is fair game. Staff will protect and assign a community build spawn no larger than 200x200 blocks and nothing else will be protected outside of it.

The Ruins Exception#

A town that has fallen to ruin after having gone 65k into the negative in debt can be looted just 3 days after the collapse of the claimed land. Bypassing existing protection of chests and containers is not allowed, but the city itself is considered fair game.

Punishments and Other Clarifications#

Punishments for griefing will depend on severity but will usually go as follows:

-1st Warning. -6 hours ban. -24 hours ban. -7 days ban. -Permanent ban.

About PvP. When you enter a PvP zone you automatically give consent to engage in PvP. Staff does not enforce PvP rules minus one exception. If you die in PvP you must be allowed to get your grave. Preventing someone from getting their grave. Staff may enforce this as they see fit, from verbal warnings to bans if needed.

About scams. Scams are not allowed, we will enforce this and punish it under grief offenses. The exception to this rule is 1- Offers that were clearly not meant to be taken at face value. 2- Casinos/Gambling. Casinos are allowed, you should know that all casinos are a scam anyways. Casinos are only against the rules if they advertise false odds.

Punishments depend on the offense and the severity. Staff will always try to de-escalate a situation and warn the involved parties. Unless stated otherwise above, you can always appeal your punishment in #📩appeals. You can see punishments in #📜record.